tcThe advisors of the International Club (IC) feel that there is a gulf between students from abroad and students from the United States. As such, the IC is committed to provide a social venue for UALR students and incoming international students. Open to all students, we organize fun events, tutor new students, discuss international affairs and increase campus awareness of all cultures. From inviting public speakers to the campus, to showing new students around, to hosting an ice cream eating contest, the IC is equal parts academic, mentorial and fun!

Taken from the club bylaws, the purpose of the IC is:

  • To promote awareness and understanding of cultural diversity on campus and community;
  • To bridge and strengthen relationships between international and the greater UALR population;
  • To provide social venues for such relationships to develop;
  • To provide guidance and direction to incoming international students;
  • To advocate for greater community and campus unity.


This club is sponsored by both the Office of International Services and the International Studies program.

For more information, please contact Vivien Fechner, club president, at vsfechner@ualr.edu.  Club advisors are Allyson Douglass (abhughes@ualr.edu) and Joshua Thomsen (jcthomsen@ualr.edu).